Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Limited Edition Nail Varnish Full Set - Review

My set finally arrived this morning! As a big fan of Nicki, I just had to try them all. I was so excited when they came and couldn't wait to try them all out and can honestly say I'm pretty impressed! All of the nail varnish's are of good consistency and the bottles are big enough (15mls), but you did need two coats sometimes three on each nail.

My ultimate favourite was 'Pink Friday'. It is a proper bubblegum pink and is just so cute! This is the one I've kept on my nails. It's a little different as it's not a hot pink but it's not a pastel shade either, it's in between.

With 'Pink Friday' as a base coat, I used 'Super Bass' on top, which is the shatter one. It looks really red on some pictures but is purple. It looks a little bit glittery in the bottle, so I was dissapointed when no glisten came out. It was a nice shade though, but I don't think I'm that keen on the shatter nail varnishes anyway. I might try it with another colour, and see what it looks like.

Next was my least favourite, which I think it would be for most people. It's 'Did it on Em' and is like a green/yellow colour. I'm training to be a nurse and to be honest, I've seen vomit with a prettier colour! I may wear it, but save it for summer i think. 

Another fantastic colour is 'Fly' which is a sexy electric blue colour. I love this colour of blue, and can see me wearing this all the time too in winter and summer. I don't think the colour looks as nice on the picture, but it is lush believe me.

Next is the 'Metallic 4 Life' which is like a black nail varnish with different sizes of silver glitter in. This colour is amazing, I love it! For some reason it reminds me of Katy Perry's ET video?!? If you only want to buy one varnish from the range, make it this one. I used to coats, but the photo's don't do it justice. I haven't seen a nicer glitter shade before. One bad thing though, it took me ages to get it off, i had to scratch off some off the bigger glitter pieces.

And lastly 'Save Me'. My picture messed up so I haven't got one. It's another glitter of all different colours. I think it needs to go over another colour. Again it's super cute but I like 'Metallic 4 Life' better, I like the way the blue sticks out and catches your eye. I've found this picture off google for you.

Have any of you tried these colours? Let me know what you think or any different ways I could wear these? 
If you want to try any of these colours you buy them on ebay or amazon. I bought the set from ebay for £39.99, so it is a little expensive but I couldn't resist!


  1. Lovely post...I LOVE the Metallic Shatter and Pink Friday! I'm def going to order these ones ! xoxo

  2. AHH these are sooo coollll!! I love Nicki Minaj! My favourite ones the sparkly one at the end xx

  3. Lovely colours, especially pink friday and the glittery one!! x

  4. love all these colours, and yes pink friday is amazing. these would be so great for spring but too expensive ahh!!



  5. Love the glottler polish, the shtter polish looks gorg too

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  6. Lovely colors, love the pink. new follower! check out my blog and follow back please?

  7. Thanks for your follow hun over at ! your nails are fabby btw, I'm majorly lusting after 'save me' now!

  8. I lovee her nail polishes! I'm wearing Save Me right now, and you're right - the coloured holographic glitters really catch your eye!
    Ayesha xx

  9. The color Save Me looks amazing!!

    Glitter polishes are usually a bugger to get off though :(