Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Another MUA Haul - Swatches and Reviews

Ahh another haul from MUA and many more to come I'm sure!This time I ordered from the Superdrug instead of the MUA online shop. I bought mostly MUA products but I also bought some other bits I'll show at the end. I'm also going shopping the weekend and hoping to buy some BB cream if they have any left. Anyway enjoy . . .

First up the palettes. I bought three; Poptastic, Dusk til Dawn and Glitter Ball. I will also be purchasing the other palettes and I can't wait to try Heaven and Earth but they had sold out online! I'm yet to try these but I'm sure they will be great like the other eyeshadows. And I bought them for £3 each.

Next is the Matte Foundation for £2, i have lost my photo of the bottle sorry! This is colour 'Gentle Fawn', it is the darkest of the three foundations but as you can see still quite light for me. I really like the way it blends on and I usually use a mousse foundation. I'm going to start using this as a base as it doesn't quite give me the coverage I like, but if you like light coverage I would highly recommend. It really isn't bad for £2.

Now you know how I feel about the eyeshadows and these do not dissapoint. The first colour is a dark silver  (shade 3) and the second black (shade 20). The third color (shade 9) I thought was a blue colour but it turned out purple. It's nice but I will more than likely not be using it. These were £1 each.

Firstly, these lipglosses smell amazing, really sweet and edible! Another great purpose, apart from the top is broken on the red one and won't stay on properly. The red one is shade 2 and the pink one shade 3.

This liquid eyeliner is nice, brush is quite thin which I like. But it comes off quite easily. I think it's just the normal one though and you can buy a waterproof one? Maybe that one stays on better. Probably will be sticking to my mac one.

And that was all of my MUA products this time. I also bought some Kleenex facial cloths, because they were 99p and I was stupid and thought they were wet wipes but they wasn't. I haven't tried these yet, but their soft is all I can say lol.

Lastly I bought this 2true lip and cheek tint. I bought it because it was £1.99 and wanted to find an equivalent to the Benefit one. I've tried to swatch it and it didn't come out very good. It doesn't really compare to Benefit  and looks quite cheap in comparison really. 

Hope you enjoyed my little haul, and can't wait to write more for you all. And yes I will be buying more MUA products. I think I have an addiction . . . 

Oh and do you guys like Hauls, like big ones?


  1. I wanted to try the 2true lip tint but am glad I've seen it reviewed - won't waste my money :) I believe model's own do one that might be worth trying though!

    I use Soap and Glory's cheek and lip tint - it's stickier and less liquid than benetint but I still think it's good! Will be reviewing it soon :)

  2. Ahh thanks. I'll wait for your review first :)xx

  3. those colors look amazing, thank you for writing such a wonderful review!!!

    1. That's a lovely comment, thanks :) xx

  4. Discovered your blog today :) Love it! MUA are such a great beauty brand at the moment, brill post. Now following you, check out my beauty blog: Teacups & Make Up

    Emma xxx

  5. i loooveee the MUA products! especially the heaven and earth palette and the lipsticks! lovely blog, now following xx

  6. Aha! Thank you ladies for your lovely comments :) xx