Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Newspaper Nails

This is the first time I have attempted this, not the best but pretty pleased :) I saw this on someone else's blog and wanted to have ago. Hope you like :)

I painted my nails white first. I might try with other colours, maybe a pastel pink or a beige. I then placed a piece of newspaper over my nails and soaked the newspaper with an alcohol wipe (one I got from kfc lol) and this was the result!

Buy Barry M White Nail Polish in np66 here for £2.99!

I love the idea of this design, it's so easy to do and cheap. If I can do, anyone can! I'd love to know what you think? :)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mini Haul

Ok, first thing, I did plan to blog more but I have had a very busy week and had some very sad news. Hopefully things will get better now <3

I'm going to show you the things I have bought from my last shopping trip, which isn't much for me but I am seriously trying to save money for my holiday. You will soon realise how bad I am at saving and that I have a serious problem with spending money!

First up are these beautiful pair of shorts from topshop, which were £34. I have no idea when I am going to wear these, possibly save them for wireless festival with some funky wellies :) But I loved them and had to buy them. The material is a really nice and comfortable and they fit well.

Next is this pink knitted cardigan which is slightly boring but I love Cardigan's. I can't find it online but it was from topshop. I'll wear this with literally anything :) I'm a sucker for jeans and UGG's in this weather though!!

This is probably my guilty purchase of the day, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. After seeing so many good reviews about this, and they are perfect colours for me, i knew I had to get it. And shall be treating myself to Naked 2 as well ;) I think the colours are amazing and what a bargain. I bought mine from Debenhams for £36.

Now I'm just going to show you the things I bought from Primark (I'm a Primark-aholic) And I really think they need to open an online store!!

And this isn't all of them ;)

Love This even though I have no where to go <3

My first pair of Brogues, and will certainly buy more!!

I have also ordered these sexy things, which cost me quite a lot of money for the set, and they have not come yet! But when they do, I shall do a full review on them. Very excited for this :)

Also bought my mom some things for Mother's Day. I bought two medium Yankee candles (Lemon Lavender and Sun & Sand) and Fresh cut rose tealights. I plan to get her something else, either Dior Cream or Lola Perfume, haven't decided yet. And last thing I bought was some Yankee Sea & Sand Hand Gel for work. Yum!

Hope you have enjoyed this, have some good reviews coming up! Speak soon <3

Monday, 20 February 2012

February 2012 Glossybox

I received my glossybox this morning, and was so excited as I usually am. However I feel a bit let down and may  subscribe to another company. Have you received yours? What do you think? Here is the products I had;

First up is this brown eyeshadow from BM beauty. It is actually quite nice, I'm not keen on mineral eyeshadow but this is lovely. It's a gold colour really and very shiny. I'm more likely to wear this on a night out over a brown eyeshadow rather than on it's own or unless it was fancy dress ;) Blends really nice though although I think the little pot it comes in is a bit fiddly. A full size will cost you £7.00 for 2g which looks pretty reasonable to me. 

Next is this little shower gel. Smells a little strong of peppermint at first but when it was on my body it was nice and I did feel quite cleansed and energised. It was very refreshing but at £20.00 for 300ml I think I'll stick to my normal shower gels. Nice little treat though :)

I am probably least excited by this product. It's the DuWop Venom Gloss in Buttercup. The colour didn't really change my lips it looked like clear lipgloss. It does come in quite a nice little applicator though and will be keeping it as a spare in my bag but wouldn't say it is a must buy product. For a full size 10.4ml it is £16. The sample size is 5ml so that was quite generous. 

This was also another dissapointing product for me. As I'm training to be a nurse, I can't where nail varnish or false nails whilst on placement and when I do it probably wouldn't be this colour. I will try them though when I can as they claim to last a week and review them. I love the little nail polish box it comes in though. And they are £17.40 for a box so I would probably use them for a special occasion if I was to buy them but I'm more of a minx or konad girl.

Lastly I got this Styling Treatment Oil for hair by Paul Mitchell. I really liked this, I wear hair extensions so my hair often gets dry as it doesn't receive the nutrients like normal hair. This made my hair so soft, gave me a little shine and smelt beautifully of ginger. Quite liked the packaging too, simple and elegant. This will cost you £25.95 for 100ml (I received 25ml) and think that is actually worth it, for the amount you would get and this would last a long time too. I would consider buying this.

On another little exciting note, I may stay subscribed just for this ;)

I hope you liked the blog, I'd love to know what products you all got and is anyone going to London Fashion Week?:)

You can subscribe to Glossybox by clicking here :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Soap And Glory Haul

So last week I went to boots and spent a chunk of my wages on a load of soap and glory products and thought I would share them with you, because let's face it, who doesn't love soap and glory?

First up 'The Righteous Butter - Body Butter'. If I'm honest I'm not 100% keen on body butters but as it's soap and glory I thought I'd try it. This left my skin soooo soft and smells lush. Will definitely be buying this again instead of lotions.

Officially in love with this product. It is 'The Breakfast Scrub - Body Smoother'. If you haven't tried this, just smell it in a shop and I can guarantee you will buy it! The smell is amazing and it does wonders for your body! The best scrub I ever tried and as I'm addicted to fake tan, this product is essential for me. I think the price is a little expensive for how much I use it, but it's that good I still buy it!

Again I'm in love with this hand cream, one of the best I've ever used and I'm addicted to hand cream. However I equally think the £1 ones from Avon are also brilliant, so it all depends on how much I want to spend to be honest. I don't think it smells as nice as other S&G products but it does last for ages.

Oh my god this is adorable. I love the packaging for some reason, it's just so girly and pretty. It really does smell so sweet and pretty too. I just think it costs too much. I keep it in my bag and use it through out the day so it doesn't last that long and I cant smell it after about an hour of putting it on. I initially bought it as it was 3 for 2 in boots, so this was one of my free products.

Quite like this as far as face washes go. It smells nice and I felt really refreshed after I used it, I do have normal skin by the way, but after reading other reviews from people with oily and sensitive skin, I would recommend you to try it!

I had been using Maybelliene Dream Mouse for a while and was getting bored so decided to try this S&G one. I bought 'Golden Tan' which is the darkest one available, and I'm really not that dark, so I think they need a bigger colour range. It was £11 so good price really for foundation. I still use it with a Smashbox luminizer underneath as I don't think this product is good on it's own. It's probably the only S&G product I have been a little disappointed with and would probably try something else when this has run out.

Ok so this is the last S&G product I bought and I know most of you have probably tried this but I love it. My mom actually introduced me to this and I will continue to buy it. As soon as you put it on, you can feel it working and it's a lovely colour. Would say it was more of a night time product though but definitely a must try!

If you would like to try any S&G products or read more review you can find them here. To buy them from boots click here :)

As I haven't been on for a while, I do have a lot of stuff for you. Tell me to bore off if you like :)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Faves of Feb 2012

To kick start the blog this year, I'd like to show you some of my favourite products of this month :) First up is the 'All About Me' Lipstick from Topshop for £8.00. Lovely red colour with pink in, which makes it perfect for me! Really soft on your lips, with a slight gloss and lasts for a good few hours.

Next I have completely fell in love with eye shadows from Mac, but my favourite is 'Sumptuous Olive' for £12.00. It is a browny colour with hints of green. It blends on really well and lasts ages, can easily wear this in the day or night. Even if this colour isn't for you, I highly recommend you try Mac eye shadows, the little pot lasts for ages too!

Next comes this little miracle from Smashbox. This Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer is amazing! It blends on really well, it can look quite dark at first, like you have put too much bronzer on but when I put on my foundation I get a really nice glow to my face. I will be buying this again and again. It is £30.00 from Debenhams but worth it. It also makes your skin feel really smooth. I usually team it with the eyelid primer and between them, my make up lasts so well.

Lastly is the whole range of Saffron nail varnish's which you can get here. They are £1.00 each, yes £1.00 and are amazing for the money. You can also purchase different colours on ebay. I have loads now and absolutely love them. Some colours you can get away with one coat, but most need two. They do chip easily though, so make sure you wear a top coat :)

So I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I have many more to come. I'm going to keep trying new products so I can review them :)

Worlds Worst Blogger

So as soon as I started my blog, I abandoned it. I'm going to come back again and update you with all things pretty and pink and much more :)