Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Newspaper Nails

This is the first time I have attempted this, not the best but pretty pleased :) I saw this on someone else's blog and wanted to have ago. Hope you like :)

I painted my nails white first. I might try with other colours, maybe a pastel pink or a beige. I then placed a piece of newspaper over my nails and soaked the newspaper with an alcohol wipe (one I got from kfc lol) and this was the result!

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I love the idea of this design, it's so easy to do and cheap. If I can do, anyone can! I'd love to know what you think? :)


  1. I love this post!:) always wanted to know how to do these, thanks!:) I love your blog and am now following:D if you could maybe follow me back I'd love that?:)xo

  2. Clever! I'd thought they were transfers!
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  3. Lovely post and love the photos =)
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  4. Hiya, Thank you so much for being my 1st follower I've followed back :) xxx Your nails look amazing I'm def gonna try that out!! :) xxx

  5. Thanks Ladies :) Glad you like them. Be sure to keep a look out for the Nicki Minaj OPI collection review :)

  6. This is amazing ! I will def be trying this ! xoxo

  7. Very cool; I might try this!

  8. I love this but i'm not quite brave enough to manually do it. I did on the other hand see some sally hansen stick on ones, maybe i should give those a go. This post definitely gives me a push forward! Love them x

  9. Thanks everyone. Please leave a link if you post any pics so I can see :)

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  11. Omg this is amazing! I have never seen this before!!

    I love it when you find something new on a blog

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  12. very inventive! love it!

  13. Aww thanks ladies, your all very sweet :) Glad you like it! x

  14. I love your nails :)
    great idea!

  15. I've tried these before(got help from my cousin) :)
    They look so nice !!!

    & thanx for following me <3