Monday, 20 February 2012

February 2012 Glossybox

I received my glossybox this morning, and was so excited as I usually am. However I feel a bit let down and may  subscribe to another company. Have you received yours? What do you think? Here is the products I had;

First up is this brown eyeshadow from BM beauty. It is actually quite nice, I'm not keen on mineral eyeshadow but this is lovely. It's a gold colour really and very shiny. I'm more likely to wear this on a night out over a brown eyeshadow rather than on it's own or unless it was fancy dress ;) Blends really nice though although I think the little pot it comes in is a bit fiddly. A full size will cost you £7.00 for 2g which looks pretty reasonable to me. 

Next is this little shower gel. Smells a little strong of peppermint at first but when it was on my body it was nice and I did feel quite cleansed and energised. It was very refreshing but at £20.00 for 300ml I think I'll stick to my normal shower gels. Nice little treat though :)

I am probably least excited by this product. It's the DuWop Venom Gloss in Buttercup. The colour didn't really change my lips it looked like clear lipgloss. It does come in quite a nice little applicator though and will be keeping it as a spare in my bag but wouldn't say it is a must buy product. For a full size 10.4ml it is £16. The sample size is 5ml so that was quite generous. 

This was also another dissapointing product for me. As I'm training to be a nurse, I can't where nail varnish or false nails whilst on placement and when I do it probably wouldn't be this colour. I will try them though when I can as they claim to last a week and review them. I love the little nail polish box it comes in though. And they are £17.40 for a box so I would probably use them for a special occasion if I was to buy them but I'm more of a minx or konad girl.

Lastly I got this Styling Treatment Oil for hair by Paul Mitchell. I really liked this, I wear hair extensions so my hair often gets dry as it doesn't receive the nutrients like normal hair. This made my hair so soft, gave me a little shine and smelt beautifully of ginger. Quite liked the packaging too, simple and elegant. This will cost you £25.95 for 100ml (I received 25ml) and think that is actually worth it, for the amount you would get and this would last a long time too. I would consider buying this.

On another little exciting note, I may stay subscribed just for this ;)

I hope you liked the blog, I'd love to know what products you all got and is anyone going to London Fashion Week?:)

You can subscribe to Glossybox by clicking here :)


  1. I have not subscribed to a box yet, not sure which one to go for!

    1. I would try La Prive or another one :)

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