Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mini Haul

Ok, first thing, I did plan to blog more but I have had a very busy week and had some very sad news. Hopefully things will get better now <3

I'm going to show you the things I have bought from my last shopping trip, which isn't much for me but I am seriously trying to save money for my holiday. You will soon realise how bad I am at saving and that I have a serious problem with spending money!

First up are these beautiful pair of shorts from topshop, which were £34. I have no idea when I am going to wear these, possibly save them for wireless festival with some funky wellies :) But I loved them and had to buy them. The material is a really nice and comfortable and they fit well.

Next is this pink knitted cardigan which is slightly boring but I love Cardigan's. I can't find it online but it was from topshop. I'll wear this with literally anything :) I'm a sucker for jeans and UGG's in this weather though!!

This is probably my guilty purchase of the day, the Urban Decay Naked Palette. After seeing so many good reviews about this, and they are perfect colours for me, i knew I had to get it. And shall be treating myself to Naked 2 as well ;) I think the colours are amazing and what a bargain. I bought mine from Debenhams for £36.

Now I'm just going to show you the things I bought from Primark (I'm a Primark-aholic) And I really think they need to open an online store!!

And this isn't all of them ;)

Love This even though I have no where to go <3

My first pair of Brogues, and will certainly buy more!!

I have also ordered these sexy things, which cost me quite a lot of money for the set, and they have not come yet! But when they do, I shall do a full review on them. Very excited for this :)

Also bought my mom some things for Mother's Day. I bought two medium Yankee candles (Lemon Lavender and Sun & Sand) and Fresh cut rose tealights. I plan to get her something else, either Dior Cream or Lola Perfume, haven't decided yet. And last thing I bought was some Yankee Sea & Sand Hand Gel for work. Yum!

Hope you have enjoyed this, have some good reviews coming up! Speak soon <3


  1. Love that travel bag from Primark! x


  2. Thank you for following my blog hun - love those topshop shorts they are just amazing! Lets just hope we get some warmer weather this year :) x

  3. Thanks ladies!! Tia I seriously hope so :) X

  4. I love your style:)



  5. Loving those shorts! Great haul!
    Now following! xoxo

  6. LOVE the primark studded bag - amazing!! x

  7. great haul, I Love the studded bag its so gorgeous!
    Following you, maybe we can follow one another?


  8. Thanks everyone. Followed back Kelsey :)

  9. Great haul, loving the primark over night bag - might have to get one!


  10. omg we have got same brogues :) M surprised. Lovely blog. I am following you now. Follow me back, please xx

  11. WOW! amazing purchases. The shorts will be perfect for a festival and the Primark travel bag looks really cute.

  12. woohoo,,that´s all awesome...<3 * =)

  13. uuhhh gguuuuurrrlll I'm a Primark-aholic aswell! Jesus! I buy so much stuff from there XD.

  14. Love the blog dear (:

    Newest follower!!

    xoxo Effy