Saturday, 18 February 2012

Faves of Feb 2012

To kick start the blog this year, I'd like to show you some of my favourite products of this month :) First up is the 'All About Me' Lipstick from Topshop for £8.00. Lovely red colour with pink in, which makes it perfect for me! Really soft on your lips, with a slight gloss and lasts for a good few hours.

Next I have completely fell in love with eye shadows from Mac, but my favourite is 'Sumptuous Olive' for £12.00. It is a browny colour with hints of green. It blends on really well and lasts ages, can easily wear this in the day or night. Even if this colour isn't for you, I highly recommend you try Mac eye shadows, the little pot lasts for ages too!

Next comes this little miracle from Smashbox. This Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer is amazing! It blends on really well, it can look quite dark at first, like you have put too much bronzer on but when I put on my foundation I get a really nice glow to my face. I will be buying this again and again. It is £30.00 from Debenhams but worth it. It also makes your skin feel really smooth. I usually team it with the eyelid primer and between them, my make up lasts so well.

Lastly is the whole range of Saffron nail varnish's which you can get here. They are £1.00 each, yes £1.00 and are amazing for the money. You can also purchase different colours on ebay. I have loads now and absolutely love them. Some colours you can get away with one coat, but most need two. They do chip easily though, so make sure you wear a top coat :)

So I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I have many more to come. I'm going to keep trying new products so I can review them :)

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