Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Little Update!

Hi lovelies! Sorry for the lack of posts again! I have just been extremely busy, going to uni, working every single day (yes really), trying to do assignments, study for my exam and taking care of my little baba and my big baba! 

Anyway I've booked some days off, not back at work till Saturday and I'm off shopping with the mother tomorrow! So hopefully some nice blog posts to look forward too :) And I had an email to say the latest glossybox had been dispatched!

A quick thank you to you all - I've reached 218 followers, this makes me that happy I could cry :')

And one last thing. I've also been a little busy writing for Fantasy Shopper and their Blog where I'm currently being featured. Exciting!!

So hopefully speak soon hunnys! :)


  1. Please check out and follow my blog xoxo

  2. Well done, sounds hectic but good to be busy! :) xx