Friday, 27 April 2012

April 2012 Glossybox - Officially Unsubscribed

Another month, another glossybox and yes I have unsubscribed! I just get so excited each month to be let down a little bit, I was only impressed with the Harrods Edition.
April 2012's box is also Limited Edition and it is the Natural Beauty Box: the goodies are all ethical apparently and the box biodegradable! So let's crack on . . .

I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me how to swap this around!

Caudalie: Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum - Ha! Well I thought this was for your hair when I read the title. But no, it's a moisturiser for your face. It comes out quite thin and fast, but it made my skin feel really soft and smells lovely. I'm pleased with the size even though it's small. I got 10ml and for a full sized 30ml it is £29.00.
Inika Cosmetics: Certified Organic Eyeliner - Well I received 'Lagoon Green' and I'm sure you will all know how I feel about that. I won't ever use this, I still haven't used the eyeko eyeliner in navy, so this has no chance! I did swatch it on my hand, and it is though, a very nice shiny green. It also claims to be rich and creamy. These are £11.75 per liner.
Monu Professional Skincare: Enriched Body Cream - Again nice, but nothing I'd rave over! Skin wasn't that soft after use but had a nice tangy citrussy smell which was nice and different! I received 30ml and for a full sized 200ml it is £23.00.
Figs & Rouge: Lip Balm - I actually love this! It's not just for lips, you can use it on your skin too. I'm not 100% keen on the peppermint and tea tree smell so will stick to putting it on my lips. It did make my skin soft though and my lips feel amazing after use. It lasts for ages too and the packaging is lovely! These are £3.29 - well worth the money! I love this product that much that I'm going to share the 20% off code! Enter Figs20 and get 20% off any balms by F&R from
Phillip B: Drop Dead Straightening Balm - I'm yet to use this properly as I've just been to the hairdressers :) I can't smell anything when I put in on my hands but I love the fact that it doesn't grease up your hands like normal serums and balms! This is quite a nice product, I'm a little dissapointed by the size but hopefully it will last! I got 15ml and for a full sized 178ml, it will cost £17.00.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews! Can't wait to see what everyone else got!

Also yes I did go shopping yesterday and I had a few bargains, I'll share them with you later and do reviews of my things!

Bye xx


  1. What a boring box! (not your fault at all) I unsubscribed after the Harrods box and despite a lot of tempting emails from them I havent crumbled. I decided that I would rather spend my money on full sized prouducts, I was fed up of getting a box full of bits I couldve picked up at a beauty counter for free!!

    Nicola x

  2. I unsubscribed a couple of months ago coz i was just disappointed with what i got. and unfortunately Carmine and Feel Unique have gone now too :(

    Id rather send the £13 on makeup i want


  3. I was really dissapointed by this glossy box and have been so pissed off by the service! definitely unsubscribing too!

  4. I've never had Glossybox though I was tempted a few months back. I've spoken to loads of people and they all thought it had gone down hill. Love the blog,
    love Coco x x x

  5. Hey! Love your blog :)

    Now following, check mine out if you like x

    Emilie xox

  6. This month was my first glossybox, i guess i am newbie but i was quite impressed, it lets me try products that I wouldn't even look at, i'll give it a few months.

    as for your pictures, I would recommend using pic monkey to rotate the images and edit them, I love it I use it on all mine, its free too -

    kirsty x-

  7. Hey ladies! Thank you very much :)

    Kirsty - Thank you!! :) I'm going to try that site out!


  8. omg those seem amazing :)
    Great post!